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Insert text here.You are invited to submit your membership application and become a member today! We don’t just want your dollars (although every dollar goes to support the work of SoEI and its projects). We want your CONSCIOUS INVOLVEMENT.
Annual New Members

New Professional: $70.00

New Student: $35.00

New Corporate 1: $200.00

New Corporate 2: $300.00


Professional: $70.00

Student: $35.00

Corporate 1: $200.00

Corporate 2: $300.00

Talk to friends and community members to gauge who else in your network is interested in emotional intelligence - invite them.
Who may join?
  • Individuals
  • Students
  • Organizations that provide products and services 
  • Educational Institutions
  • Sole Practitioners
  • Government Agencies
  • Civic and Non-Profit Organizations
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