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Monthly Meetings 2017
March  21, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

SoEI Member:   $10.00

Non Member:    $15.00

Student:             $10.00
Registration closes the day before the event. No payment at the door.
In this talk, Guen Morr will introduce the concept of values-based living, an empowering approach to life that creates heightened self-awareness, lays the foundation for creating positive and sustainable change, and helps individuals to:  

  • successfully prioritize desires and obligations
  • make better decisions
  • grow in confidence and bolster courage
  • increase internal motivation
  • improve the quality of interpersonal relationships
  • enjoy a greater sense of balance and personal fulfillment

Learn how the utilization of values-based coaching can help harness analytical strengths to access the emotional undercurrent of any given situation. Then discover a simple, formulaic tool for understanding unexpected emotional reactions and learn how to respond, instead, with full awareness and useful intention.

Finally, find out how the combination of these two approaches can be particularly helpful in the areas of Self-Perception, Self-Expression, and Decision Making as defined by the EQ-i 2.0 assessment.

Speaker: Guenevere Morr, PCC, CPCC, MA

Guenevere Morr is an intuitive, compassionate, and laser-focused coach with over a decade of experience in helping clients find personal and professional fulfillment while cultivating a way of living that is a true reflection of their highest-held values. She works with C-Level executives and emerging leaders in the areas of career and leadership development, stress management, conflict resolution, effective communication, work/life balance, change and transition, and mind/body and lifestyle practices for overall well-being
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Developing your Emotional Intelligence
To be Announced

2017 Meeting Schedule
SoEI Tampa meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month except July and August.

  • March 21
  • April 18
  • May 16 - EI Symposium
  • June  20
  • July - No Meeting
  • August - No Meeting
  • September 17
  • October -  5, 6 - Conf., Jacksonville
  • November 21
  • December 19
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Emotional Intelligence (EI) abilities have been shown to be a vital component of individual and organizational success. In our emotional intelligence series, you’ll discover the importance of maximizing your EI in order to improve your ability to reach your potential. Plus, you'll discover a number of simple, easy-to-use tools for increasing your EI with only a few minutes of practice each day. Developing and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships among colleagues, subordinates and superiors are keys to a successful work environment.

How you Will Benefit:
  • Provide an in depth look at EI, the value of enhancing this skill for personal and organizational performance
  • Obtain an accurate assessment of your current emotional intelligence using the ESIA
  •  Learn how to monitor and manage your emotions and behaviors, those of your coworker and others.
  • Understand how emotions can influence thoughts, behavior, goals, decision–making, and work/personal relationships.
  • Create an a personal development plan for continuous improvement of you r EI 

A combination of classroom training and exercises will ensure that you will not just pick up skills; you will also practice what you have learned; to start turning skills into competencies. This valuable seminar delivers the in-depth knowledge and practical emotional intelligence skills and insight to apply in making your job and career more effective, satisfying and successful.

SoEI Members: $159        Non Members: $179       Military (active duty): $139

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March 23-24, Tampa
Guen Morr, PCC, CPCC, MA

Kristin. Hank, Bob, Carol
Sunday March 19, 2017